For mass market


The Otmuchów Group can offer wide variety of packing components: bags & jars, transparent & colored. Doypacks & tubes with or without labels.
We can offer a very wide range of products' shapes covering basic market forms as well as seasonal versions. We can even develop new shapes dedicated for our clients.
package 3
package 5
package 7
Products may have different shapes and come of a mix range. Weight range is also impressive from 2,8 g  up to 20 g.
Multicoloured, sugar covered & sour sugar covered. Over 80 shapes, colors and flavors. We can offer an unique technology for retail.
shape 1
shape 2
shape 3
shape 4
shape 5
shape 6
shape 7
shape 8
shape 9
shape 10
shape 11
shape 12
shape 13
shape 14
shape 15
shape 16
shape 17
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